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I'll have a 'Bug' Lite. -- Ralph Nader
"Last Call," by Tara Carreon and D. Sans

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We have a government of the Exxons, by the General Motors, for the Duponts. -- Ralph Nader

One man tells it like it is -- the world's most powerful corporate families have the rest of the world in a death grip.  Our wealth, our health, the health of the planet and the life of future generations are all falling prey to their insatiable greed.  One man tells it like it is -- the two parties of the old political system have been so twisted by corporate corruption that they are incapable of advancing initiatives that benefit flesh-and-blood people.  Our elections are a mockery of honest balloting, as herds of voters, driven in circles of confusion by incessant polling reports on hot-button issues, descend on paperless polling stations or are supplied with ambiguous ballots, so that their votes can be interpreted in whatever way the software-hacker chooses.  The Democrats now treat all liberals like they have traditionally treated African American voters -- taking them for granted because they have no better choice.  And only one man has had the courage to stand up to this two-headed monster, this thief of the rights of the people.  You guessed it.  Ralph Nader.

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To all ABOL users

Recently it has come to the attention of the Librarian that Wikipedia, a resource that has been cited repeatedly by the Librarian, is not only of questionable reliability, particularly with respect to its biographical reports of current figures, but also that it appears to be completely untrue to its stated mission of compiling knowledge in a true "open-source" environment.  In fact, recent, reliable reportage indicates that the Wikipedia system is entirely controlled by a cadre of young men with axes to grind and a misogynistic game plan for shaping the Internet public's view of current events.  Accordingly, the Library will no longer cite Wikipedia as a resource, and cautions all users with respect to any statements attributed to Wikipedia found in the Library, that such material should be viewed with suspicion, although not necessarily incorrect or unreliable.  Library users are invited to email the librarian with any specific information regarding Wikipedia references found in the Library.



From "Independent Politics," by Howard Hawkins:  Could Nader Win?

Furthermore, Nader's impact could be far greater than that of a potential spoiler for Kerry.  The 2000 National Election Survey data show that only 9 percent of voters who preferred Nader actually voted for him.  Fifty percent of Nader supporters didn't vote at all.  Twenty-six percent of Nader supporters voted for Gore as the lesser evil to Bush.  And 19 percent of Nader supporters voted for Bush as the lesser evil to Gore.

If all the voters who preferred Nader had voted for him in 2000, he would have won the election, receiving 54 million votes to Bush's 43 million and Gore's 38 million (if we add the Nader supporters who voted for their lesser evil to Nader's total and subtract them from Bush and Gore's totals).  (These numbers are derived from Harvard political scientist Barry Burden's 2001 study of the National Election Survey data: 

 "Minor Parties in the 2000 Presidential Election")

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